Ken Block Biography

Early Life and Career

Ken Block, born on November 21, 1967 -`Jan 2, 2013, is an American professional rally driver and entrepreneur. He grew up in Long Beach, California, and developed a passion for cars and racing from a young age. Block’s interest in motorsports led him to pursue a career in the industry, eventually becoming one of the most well-known figures in the world of rally racing.

Block began his racing career in the early 2000s, competing in various rally events and gaining experience behind the wheel. In 2005, he co-founded DC Shoes, a renowned skateboarding footwear and apparel brand. This partnership allowed Block to combine his love for racing with his entrepreneurial spirit, as he became heavily involved in the marketing and promotion of the brand through his motorsport endeavors.

After selling his ownership of DC Shoes, Block shifted his business focus to Hoonigan Industries, an apparel brand for auto enthusiasts. He was the co-owner and “Head Hoonigan In Charge” (HHIC) at the company before his death in a snowmobile accident in January 2023

Rise to Prominence

Block gained widespread recognition through his participation in the X Games, an annual extreme sports event. He made his X Games debut in 2006, showcasing his exceptional driving skills and captivating the audience with his daring stunts and precision driving. Block’s unique style, characterized by high-speed drifts and jaw-dropping maneuvers, quickly made him a fan favorite.

In 2010, Block released the first installment of his viral Gymkhana video series. These videos showcased his incredible driving skills in various urban environments, attracting millions of views and turning him into an internet sensation. The success of the Gymkhana series further solidified Block’s status as one of the most influential figures in the world of motorsports.

Professional Achievements

Throughout his career, Ken Block has achieved numerous accolades and milestones. He has competed in various rally championships, including the World Rally Championship (WRC) and the Global RallyCross Championship (GRC). Block’s ability to push the limits of his car and his unwavering determination have earned him multiple podium finishes and a dedicated fan base.

In addition to his achievements on the racing circuit, Block has also ventured into other forms of motorsport. He has participated in the Dakar Rally, one of the most grueling off-road races in the world, and has even tried his hand at stage rally racing. Block’s versatility as a driver and his willingness to take on new challenges have solidified his reputation as a true motorsport icon.

Legacy and Entrepreneurship

Beyond his racing career, Ken Block has made a significant impact on the automotive industry. He has collaborated with various car manufacturers, including Ford, to develop high-performance vehicles that showcase his passion for speed and precision. Block’s influence extends beyond the track, as he continues to inspire a new generation of motorsport enthusiasts through his innovative approach to driving and his entrepreneurial ventures.

In recent years, Block has shifted his focus towards his company, Hoonigan Industries. As the founder and CEO, he oversees the production of motorsport-inspired content and merchandise, catering to a global audience of automotive enthusiasts. Block’s ability to combine his passion for racing with his business acumen has solidified his position as a respected figure in both the motorsport and entrepreneurial communities.


Ken Block’s journey from a young racing enthusiast to a global motorsport icon is a testament to his talent, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit. Through his exceptional driving skills, innovative marketing strategies, and passion for all things automotive, Block has left an indelible mark on the industry. As he continues to push boundaries and inspire others, his legacy as a true pioneer of motorsports and entrepreneurship is sure to endure.

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